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"Prosperity Streams" is short for Financial Intelligence.
Prosperity Streams is a financially empowering company that combines the power of being an advertising agency and leveraging on Network Marketing to help people attain financial freedom. Prosperity Streams as a financially empowering affiliate marketing company and ebooks network is focused on boosting its member’s financial acumen, incentivizing readings and encouraging self/personal development. Prosperity Streams provides a platform for people to attain Financial Freedom, hence has its marketing structure with a fully automated rewarding system. We have a mission of eradicating poverty across the world through equipping people with life skills, and will have ebooks hosted mostly on Entrepreneurship, Network Marketing, Real Estate, Investments, Money and Leadership.

Prosperity Streams as Network Marketing Organization is structured as an advanced form of a cooperative society where likeminded people across the world come together to help themselves acquire knowledge, get enlightened, achieve compensatory benefits and enjoy so many goodies of life.

Prosperity Streams is committed to engaging in activities that will eradicate poverty across the globe, make earning a fortune a lifestyle for people, raising satisfied, successful and happy millionaires and helping people become house owners.

Earn great income, enjoy time freedom and leverage on the effort of people around you; creating wealth has never been this easy.

About us